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We are extremely lucky to have worked with some fantastic clients, here’s what some of them have said about Warehouse Partners.

Warehouse Partners have supported us on various projects for our customers for back of rack netting and labelling requirements. We benefit from the professionalism and experience that Warehouse Partners bring, allowing for clear transparency with our clients, and we look forward to working with Warehouse Partners on future projects.

Tom Mckelvie at Dalvie Systems

Warehouse Partners have worked alongside us on many back of rack protection requirements for customers. Their constant development and testing of their various RackNets products means we have full confidence in the system for our clients. Our clients like the flexibility of the system as a safety feature whilst it stops them using it as a backstop, a problem most steel systems still have.

Richard Church at Spartan Direct

We use Warehouse Partners on a regular basis regarding racking labelling and back of rack safety netting. They provide us with a wealth of expertise and knowledge to assist our customer on-site requirements and we have developed a strong relationship over several years.

Simon King at NSI Projects

I have been working with Warehouse Partners for over 3 years. I always receive fantastic service from Teresa and her team….nothing is ever a problem!

Their efficient manner of service delivery is only rivalled by their friendly and outgoing manners.

I have had netting and labels from Warehouse Partners and both products exceeded my clients expectations….which has now become an accepted result, time after time.

You cannot go wrong by labelling Warehouse Partners great and netting a bargain!

Nick Ditchburn at Warehouse Storage Solutions

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