Dynamic Safety System

Accept No Alternative – Recommend and Supply with Confidence

Not all back-of-rack safety systems are the same. Installing an inferior rack netting or steel mesh solution puts warehouse personnel and valuable stock at serious risk – your customers need to be aware of this. This is why we recommend the RackNets™ Dynamic Safety System, incorporating the exclusive Gripple® D6 Dynamic Lockable Plus.

1 Dynamic System
5 Components of Safety

RackNets™ is the only back-of-rack safety system that is made up of five, specifically engineered components designed to work as one dynamic system – to safely contain and restrain a dynamic load.

No other back-of-rack system can do this.

Successfully Third-Party Tested, Certified and Proven

This British-made product is the best solution available on the market today for preventing product fall-out and minimising risk from falling loads within the warehouse. Maximum operational efficiency is ensured and return on investment is strong.

The RackNets™ system is trusted by warehouse operators throughout the UK, with Warehouse Partners having so far, supplied more than 300km of the netting to its trade customers.

No other back-of-rack system can do this.

Fit and protect – robust and made to last, requiring minimal maintenance. Available in a range of colours for coordination in the warehouse.

1 Dynamic System – 5 Key Components of Safety


Safety Netting

2.3, 3.0 or 5mm gauge netting is specified for back-of-rack applications. This is manufactured off-site to your customers’ exact requirements, keeping installation time to a minimum. The nets are robust and have inherent elasticity that helps to decelerate any load pushed against it. Available in a range of colours for coordination with the warehouse.


Gripple® D6 Dynamic Lockable Plus

Designed exclusively for RackNets™, the Gripple® D6 Dynamic Lockable Plus secures the wire cable between two fixed points and will not fail under tension caused by a dynamic load. Independently tested and certified by Lloyds British, the system will safely contain and restrain a dynamic 1000kg pallet load.


Wire Cable

The wire cables used within the system are fully-tested and constructed using a central core. They are manufactured with a galvanised coating in accordance with the norm EN 12385. Unlike other systems, it will not break, even under maximum stress.



Manufactured by Warehouse Partners exclusively for the RackNets™ system, these heavy-duty brackets are attached to racking uprights at the four corners of the installation, playing a crucial part in safely securing the perimeters of the entire system.



Karabiners with 9mm clearance are used to attach the net to the wire rope at key points, both laterally and vertically to ensure the integrity of the entire system remains intact.