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Warehouse Partners announces key new appointments

Warehouse Partners has made two new key appointments, with Alison Farmer joining as operations manager, and Richard Williams taking up a new technical sales support role.


alison-webAlison Farmer has an experienced background in the logistics sector, and has joined Warehouse Partners within the line-marking & barrier section. This section is part of three different sections at Warehouse Services, including safety, warehouse ID, and RackNets netting.
Her role at Warehouse Partners will include duties to ensure that customers are provided with a more efficient service, helping to deliver information and products effectively.
richard-webRichard Williams has worked for Warehouse Partners for 6 years, where he was helping to run the operations. His skillset has been developed within a design and sales environment, and has proficiency with using AUTOCAD systems.
Newly promoted, his technical sales support role will be within the internal sales team, and duties will include ensuring the services provided are kept to a high standard, and passing on key information to colleagues accurately. This will in turn help the operation deliver the customers requirement accurately and that ultimately customer services provided are kept to a high standard.

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