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Safety Netting

Safety Netting

Warehouse Partners have developed a modern alternative to Anti-Collapse Mesh at the back of racks, as well as many other innovative solutions for the warehouse. Netting solutions are the future for safety as the traditional solutions have limited benefits for the user.

Warehouse Partners is excited to be able to bring these netting solutions to the trade and are happy to discuss this new solution with you. This solution is often misunderstood and is now very simple and easy to use.

The ‘Back of Rack’ safety netting has been developed to overcome many issues seen with other netting company solutions and gives a range of benefits that include:

  • Zero Maintenance.
  • Fully independently tested for full pallet load falls.
  • Fast Installation (typically half that of Steel Mesh) at approximately 400 square metres per day.
  • Competitively priced product as supplied without the installation cost benefits.
  • Easy to install in confined spaces.
  • Choice of colours as standard.
  • No high tension in wires and very low net deflection.
  • Free Delivery.
  • Creates a safer working environment for your staff.
  • RackNets™ are strong and lightweight.
  • Very durable and won’t dent.
  • Retrieval of goods/pallets made safer and easier.
  • Designed to contain loads up to 1000kg.
  • Easy removal of net enables beams to be adjusted and rack repairs to be carried out quickly.
  • Lifetime cost of ownership is significantly reduced.

Our solution can be installed twice as fast as traditional mesh back of rack safety at a rate of approx 400 square metres per day.

A surprisingly popular product is Mezzanine Hand Rail Netting. This simple netting system allows users to safeguard personnel underneath the edge of the mezzanine floor, and even allows the client to use the handrail as a back stop for storing low level pallets.

The net is installed 50mm below the hand rail allowing the hand rail still to be used, ensuring that hands are safely away from the netting and support cables. This netting system again uses the latest cabling technology to speed up the installation.

Other netting solutions provided by RackNets™ are
as follows:

  • Debris Netting
  • Separation zone netting inside buildings
  • Bird Control Netting
  • Garment hanging safety netting
  • Pallet Nets
  • Rack End nets

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