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Award Winning Flexible Warehouse Picking Solutions

PALLITE® PIX® Twin is a double-sided, collapsible, picking solution system made from honeycomb paper and glue that’s designed to flex around products.

The removable dividers of the PALLITE® PIX® Twin allow your customers to increase or decrease the size of their pick-faces to help maximise space utilisation.

Allowing for picking from both sides, it is well-suited to use within warehouse racking. Available with 24 or 32 pickfaces, and an internal pick-face depth of 450mm.

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Discover the whole range of benefits of our warehouse twin picking solutions.

  • Free up space by combining multiple pick-faces into a single pallet footprint.
  • Create stand-alone units with access to pick form both sides of the unit.
  • Improve pick efficiency by locating products on both sides of the unit.
  • Strength – pick-faces strong enough to hold 50kg each – designed to securely hold products.
  • Lightweight to protect your customers’ team from manual handling injuries.
  • 100% Recyclable and made from managed sources.
  • Store up to 500kg

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