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U Profile Label Holders

U Profile Label Holders

We stock a variety of products in our popular range of U Profile Label Holders, including self-adhesive, magnetic, label holders for use in freezers, and ticket strip holders.

All products in our U Profile Label Holders range are made from durable material available in various lengths, designed specifically to hold labels which identify warehouse racking and shelving locations in various types of storage environments.

Label Holder Size Label Size
20mm Label Holder 17mm Card Insert
30mm Label Holder 26mm Card Insert
34mm Label Holder 30mm Card Insert
39mm Label Holder 35mm Card Insert
44mm Label Holder 39mm Card Insert
48mm Label Holder 45mm Card Insert
57mm Label Holder 52mm Card Insert
63mm Label Holder 60mm Card Insert
81mm Label Holder 76mm Card Insert

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