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A-Safe iFlex RackGuard 600

Made from an exclusive impact absorbent polymer, A-SAFE’s iFlex RackGuard is able to withstand multiple impacts without deforming or dislodging.


Designed to withstand side and front impacts. Unique absorption properties transfer impact energy around the rack leg, rather than into it.


Compression hinges and rubber grip points ensure RackGuard stays firmly on the leg.


Tested and independently verified by TÜV and certified to meet standards EN 15 512 and FEM 10.2.02.


Ergonomically designed to protect rack legging without taking up space when in use or in storage.

Click here to download the A-Safe iFlex RackGuard 600 data sheet.

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Benefit's of using A-SAFE

  • Side impact absorption - If struck from the side, the impact energy is absorbed and the guard then reforms to its original shape.
  • Front impact absorption - When hit from the front the guard absorbs the impact and dissipates the energy around the rack leg rather than through it, reducing damage.
  • The Compression Hinge - This unique feature ensures that the leg is in a constant state of compression and grips securely around the racking leg.
  • Centralising Rubber Lug - A distinctive benefit, specially designed to ensure the RackGuard fits central to any sized rack leg.
  • Built-in Memory - Made from our exclusive material, Memaplex, this strong and flexible product allows the RackGuard to return to its original shape after impact time and time again.
  • Various leg lengths and sizes - Whatever your rack leg size, our RackGuard will fit.
  • Ten Frictional Grip Points - For an improved overall grip to any rack leg.
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