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RackNets™ back-of-rack Netting

RackNets™ back-of-rack Netting

RackNets™ safety netting system offers a modern alternative to anti-collapse mesh at the back of racks, and an enhanced protective barrier against falling loads stored within pallet bays.

With traditional anti-collapse steel mesh solutions offering limited safety benefits for the user, storage safety solutions provider Warehouse Partners has developed a modern alternative in the form of back-of-rack safety netting to overcome many issues seen with other netting company solutions. This acclaimed system offers a range of benefits, including significantly reducing lifetime cost of ownership.
The back-of-rack safety netting has been developed to overcome many issues seen with other netting company solutions and gives a range of benefits that include:

  • Zero maintenance;
  • Fully independently tested for full pallet load falls;
  • Fast installation (typically half that of steel mesh) at approximately 400 square metres per day;
  • Competitively priced product as supplied without the installation cost benefits;
  • Easy to install in confined spaces;
  • Choice of colours as standard;
  • No high tension in wires and very low net deflection;
  • Free delivery;
  • Creates a safer working environment for your staff;
  • RackNets™ are strong and lightweight;
  • Very durable and won’t dent;
  • Retrieval of goods/pallets made safer and easier;
  • Designed to contain loads up to 1000kg;
  • Easy removal of net enables beams to be adjusted and rack repairs to be carried out quickly;
  • Lifetime cost of ownership is significantly reduced;

Our solution can be installed twice as fast as traditional mesh back of rack safety at a rate of approx 400 square metres per day.

In-Flue Netting

Warehouse Partners has identified that in many warehouses there is a significant risk of loaded pallets being pushed through from one aisle into an adjacent aisle.
RackNets™ In-Flue Netting is designed for the centre of the rack to prevent product or pallets from being pushed through from one aisle into an adjacent aisle.
The In-Flue nets can be specified as 2.3, 3.0 and 5.0 systems, depending on the application and level of risk identified in the warehouse Risk Assessment.

Download a Data Sheet

Download a RackNets™ data sheet to find out more information.

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