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RackEnd Guardrail

RackEnd Guardrail

A-Safe RackEnd Guardrail

Made from an exclusive impact absorbent polymer, A-SAFE’s RackEnd Guardrail protects racking at the end of aisles, where impacts from workplace vehicles are most frequent.


The polymer-based RackEnd Guardrail is tough, resilient and able to flex on impact from workplace vehicles absorbing the forces and reforming to its original shape.


Non-scratch, non-corrosive and with no need for repainting, the impact absorbing qualities of the barrier mean floors will not require repair after impacts.


A cylindrical design helps deflect impacts, dissipating forces and protecting the rack legging.
Tested and independently verified by TÜV, all A-SAFE barriers come with the reassurance of buying the best possible products from the global industry leaders.

Click here to view the A-Safe Rackend Guardrail data sheet.

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